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Cotton Velour Wholesale

Cotton Velour Fabric from SOFI Enterprises Inc. is your source of wholesale fabric. We have velour fabrics available in many colors, so you can easily find the material you need. Our Cotton Velour fabric mimics velvet in texture, though it is typically softer and more flexible. Velour is soft, durable, affordable, and made from a cotton and polyester blend. This fabric has a variety of uses. Make loungewear such as sweatpants or track jackets, with plenty of stretch for extra comfort. Our Velour can also be used to clean clothes, sleepwear, and baby items, as it is soft on sensitive skin and will not scratch delicate surfaces. Order Cotton Velour Wholesale Fabric to stock your store or start your fabric project. Contact SOFI to order a sample swatch or for more information on any velour fabric type or shade.
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