Stretch Charmeuse Satin Fabric

Find stretch charmeuse satin fabric for your fabric store or design your own clothes with affordable wholesale Charmeuse Satin. SOFI Enterprises Inc. supplies Stretchy Charmeuse Satin perfect for more comfortable wear due to its stretch.

Shipping all across the US, Canada and Mexico. Minimum order quantity – 1 roll (approximately 60-100 yards of fabric per roll depending on the thickness of the fabric). Need a sample of fabric? Request a FREE SWATCH or purchase a sample yardage, 1 to 3 yards of fabric. Contact for price and availability.

Content: Polyester/Spandex

Width: 58/60″

Style: Charmeuse-Satin-273

Sample Yardage: 1 to 3 yards

1 roll: Call for price

Minimum Order: 1 roll (Approx: 70-80 yards)

Sample swatch: FREE


Charmeuse-Satin-DUSTY-ROSE-210×210 Charmeuse Satin DUSTY ROSE
Charmeuse-Satin-BLUE-8720-210×210 Charmeuse Satin BLUE 8720
Charmeuse-Satin-BROWN-9266-C-210×210 Charmeuse Satin BROWN 9266-C
Charmeuse-Satin-BURGUNDY-5232-210×210 Charmeuse Satin BURGUNDY 5232
Charmeuse-Satin-COPPER-3387-210×210 Charmeuse Satin COPPER 3387
Charmeuse-Satin-CORAL-6201-210×210 Charmeuse Satin CORAL 6201
Charmeuse-Satin-CORAL-KISS-210×210 Charmeuse Satin CORAL-KISS
Charmeuse-Satin-EGGPLANT-9986-210×210 Charmeuse Satin EGGPLANT 9986
Charmeuse-Satin-EMERALD_9001-210×210 Charmeuse Satin EMERALD_9001
Charmeuse-Satin-FUCHSIA-8621-210×210 Charmeuse Satin FUCHSIA 8621
Charmeuse-Satin-GOLD-2727-210×210 Charmeuse Satin GOLD 2727
Charmeuse-Satin-GRAY-D-9866-210×210 Charmeuse Satin GRAY D 9866
Charmeuse-Satin-GUAVA-1160-210×210 Charmeuse Satin GUAVA 1160
Charmeuse-Satin-IVORY-2330-210×210 Charmeuse Satin IVORY 2330
Charmeuse-Satin-LILAC-3173-210×210 Charmeuse Satin LILAC 3173
Charmeuse-Satin-MAGENTA-9283-210×210 Charmeuse Satin MAGENTA 9283
Charmeuse-Satin-NAVY-1145-210×210 Charmeuse Satin NAVY 1145
Charmeuse-Satin-OFF-WHITE-1105-210×210 Charmeuse Satin OFF WHITE 1105
Charmeuse-Satin-PINK-5351-210×210 Charmeuse Satin PINK 5351
Charmeuse-Satin-PINK-PETAL-5355-210×210 Charmeuse Satin PINK PETAL-5355
Charmeuse-Satin-PURPLE-6668-210×210 Charmeuse Satin PURPLE 6668
Charmeuse-Satin-RAISIN-1355-210×210 Charmeuse Satin RAISIN 1355
Charmeuse-Satin-RED-8392-210×210 Charmeuse Satin RED 8392
Charmeuse-Satin-ROSE-D-3317-210×210 Charmeuse Satin ROSE D 3317
Charmeuse-Satin-ROYAL-1147-210×210 Charmeuse Satin ROYAL 1147
Charmeuse-Satin-ROYAL-1148-210×210 Charmeuse Satin ROYAL 1148
Charmeuse-Satin-RUBY-RED-9293-210×210 Charmeuse Satin RUBY RED 9293
Charmeuse-Satin-SAGE-3354-210×210 Charmeuse Satin SAGE 3354
Charmeuse-Satin-SANGRIA-1666-210×210 Charmeuse Satin SANGRIA 1666
Charmeuse-Satin-SILVER-L-9013-210×210 Charmeuse Satin SILVER L 9013
Charmeuse-Satin-STONE-9867-210×210 Charmeuse Satin STONE 9867
Charmeuse-Satin-TAUPE-189-K-210×210 Charmeuse Satin TAUPE 189-K
Charmeuse-Satin-TAUPE-D-9935-210×210 Charmeuse Satin TAUPE D 9935
Charmeuse-Satin-TEAL-D-955-K-210×210 Charmeuse Satin TEAL D 955-K
Charmeuse-Satin-TEAL-D-8950-210×210 Charmeuse Satin TEAL D 8950
Charmeuse-Satin-TURQUOISE-0017-210×210 Charmeuse Satin TURQUOISE 0017
Charmeuse-Satin-TURQUOISE-9140-210×210 Charmeuse Satin TURQUOISE 9140
Charmeuse-Satin-WHITE-4355-210×210 Charmeuse Satin WHITE 4355
Charmeuse-Satin-YELLOW-216-K-210×210 Charmeuse Satin YELLOW 216-K
Charmeuse-Satin-YELLOW-9944-210×210 Charmeuse Satin YELLOW 9944
Charmeuse-Satin-BLACK-7300-210×210 Charmeuse Satin BLACK 7300

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