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SOFI Enterprises is your one-stop shop for premium bridal satin fabric wholesale in Los Angeles and across the USA. We offer a vast selection of colors at affordable prices, ensuring you have everything you need to create stunning wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, or any other project requiring a touch of elegance. Unleash the Luxury of Satin: Our bridal satin fabric wholesale boasts a luxuriously soft feel and an exceptionally shiny finish. This beautiful fabric drapes effortlessly, adding a touch of sophistication to any design. A Rainbow of Choices: With hundreds of colors available, you can find the perfect shade to match your vision, from classic white and ivory to vibrant jewel tones and soft pastels. Whether you’re a designer creating one-of-a-kind pieces or a store owner looking to stock up, SOFI Enterprises has the satin fabric wholesale you need. Fast Delivery and Low Minimums: We offer fast delivery within Los Angeles and across the USA, keeping your projects on track. Additionally, our low minimum order quantities allow you to get exactly what you need without breaking the bank. Turn your design dreams into reality with SOFI Enterprises! Browse our extensive collection of bridal satin fabric wholesale today!

Shipping all across the US, Canada and Mexico. Minimum order quantity – 1 roll (approximately 60-100 yards of fabric per roll depending on the thickness of the fabric). Need a sample of fabric? Request a FREE SWATCH or purchase a sample yardage, 1 to 3 yards of fabric. Contact for price and availability.

Content: 100% Polyester Dull Satin

Width: 58/60″ wide

Weight: 187GSM

Color: White-1102

Style: 2731315

Sample Yardage: 1 to 3 yards

1 roll: Call for price

Minimum Order: 1 roll (Approx: 70-80 yards)

Sample swatch: FREE

Free Sample

Free Sample


Bridal-Satin-Fabric-WHITE-1102 Bridal Satin Fabric WHITE-1102 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-Fabric-WHITE-1101 Bridal Satin Fabric WHITE-1101 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-Fabric-WHITE-1100 Bridal Satin Fabric WHITE-1100 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-TURQUOISE-1143 Bridal Satin TURQUOISE-1143 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-TURQUOISE-1141 Bridal Satin TURQUOISE-1141 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-TURQUOISE-1132 Bridal Satin TURQUOISE-1132 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-TURQUOISE-1131 Bridal Satin TURQUOISE-1131 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-TURQUOISE-342 Bridal Satin TURQUOISE-342 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-TEAL-GREEN-1645 Bridal Satin TEAL-GREEN-1645 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-TEAL Bridal Satin TEAL Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-TAUPE-D-1188 Bridal Satin TAUPE-D-1188 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-TAUPE-1347 Bridal Satin TAUPE-1347 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-TAUPE-1167 Bridal Satin TAUPE-1167 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-TAUPE-1068 Bridal Satin TAUPE-1068 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-TAUPE-188-J Bridal Satin TAUPE-188-J Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-SILVER-1301 Bridal Satin SILVER-1301 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-Fabric-SAGE-1757 Bridal Satin Fabric SAGE-1757 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-SAGE-1755 Bridal Satin SAGE-1755 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-SAGE-1154 Bridal Satin SAGE-1154 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-SAGE-1150 Bridal Satin SAGE-1150 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-SAGE-376-K Bridal Satin SAGE-376-K Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-ROYAL-1149 Bridal Satin ROYAL-1149 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-ROYAL-1147 Bridal Satin ROYAL-1147 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-ROYAL-339 Bridal Satin ROYAL-339 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-ROSE-PETAL Bridal Satin ROSE PETAL Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-ROSE-DARK Bridal Satin ROSE DARK Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-RED-1192 Bridal Satin RED-1192 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-RED-1190 Bridal Satin RED-1190 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-RED-334 Bridal Satin RED-334 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-PURPLE-D-9686 Bridal Satin PURPLE-D-9686 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-PURPLE-9685 Bridal Satin PURPLE-9685 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-PINK-ROSE-1995 Bridal Satin PINK-ROSE-1995 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-PINK-1157 Bridal Satin PINK-1157 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-PINK-1156 Bridal Satin PINK-1156 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-PINK-1155 Bridal Satin PINK-1155 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-ORANGE-3507 Bridal Satin ORANGE-3507 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-OFF-WHITE-1105 Bridal Satin OFF-WHITE-1105 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-NAVY-1240 Bridal Satin NAVY-1240 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-MAGENTA-2830 Bridal Satin MAGENTA-2830 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-LIME-1295 Bridal Satin LIME-1295 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-LILAC-L-1170 Bridal Satin LILAC-L-1170 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-LILAC-K-1815 Bridal Satin LILAC-K-1815 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-LILAC-BLOOM Bridal Satin LILAC BLOOM Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-LILAC-1810 Bridal Satin LILAC-1810 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-LILAC-1173 Bridal Satin LILAC-1173 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-LILAC-1169 Bridal Satin LILAC-1169 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-LILAC-1168-J Bridal Satin LILAC-1168-J Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-Fabric-LILAC-171-J Bridal Satin Fabric LILAC-171-J Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-LAVENDER-800-J Bridal Satin LAVENDER-800-J Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-KIWI-332 Bridal Satin KIWI-332 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-KELLY-GREEN-1260 Bridal Satin KELLY-GREEN-1260 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-JADE-1390 Bridal Satin JADE-1390 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-IVORY-L-1705 Bridal Satin IVORY-L-1705 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-IVORY-1114 Bridal Satin IVORY-1114 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-IVORY-1112 Bridal Satin IVORY-1112 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-IVORY-1111 Bridal Satin IVORY-1111 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-Fabric-IVORY-1110 Bridal Satin Fabric IVORY-1110 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-GREEN-AS-9957 Bridal Satin GREEN-AS-9957 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-GOLD-1328 Bridal Satin GOLD-1328 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-GOLD-1327 Bridal Satin GOLD-1327 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-GOLD-1325-A Bridal Satin GOLD-1325-A Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-FUSHIA-D-1198 Bridal Satin FUSHIA-D-1198 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-FUCSHIA-1196 Bridal Satin FUCSHIA-1196 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-FUCHSIA-1195 Bridal Satin FUCHSIA-1195 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-EGGPLANT-1289 Bridal Satin EGGPLANT-1289 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-DUSK-HEATHR-1950 Bridal Satin DUSK-HEATHR-1950 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-D-ROSE-1317 Bridal Satin D-ROSE-1317 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-Fabric-CORAL Bridal Satin Fabric CORAL Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-Fabric-COPPER Bridal Satin Fabric COPPER Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-Fabric-CHOCOLATE Bridal Satin Fabric CHOCOLATE Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-CHAMPAGNE-L-1441 Bridal Satin CHAMPAGNE-L-1441 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-CHAMPAGNE-1340 Bridal Satin CHAMPAGNE-1340 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-CERISE-4317 Bridal Satin CERISE-4317 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-BURGUNDY-1233 Bridal Satin BURGUNDY-1233 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-BURGUNDY-1232 Bridal Satin BURGUNDY-1232 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-Fabric-BROWN Bridal Satin Fabric BROWN Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-Fabric-BRONZE Bridal Satin Fabric BRONZE Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-Fabric-BLUE-1121 Bridal Satin Fabric BLUE-1121 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-BLUE-1120 Bridal Satin BLUE-1120 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-BLUE-1119 Bridal Satin BLUE-1119 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-BLACK-D Bridal Satin BLACK-D Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-BLACK-9000 Bridal Satin BLACK-9000 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-BLACK-1115-2 Bridal Satin BLACK-1115-2 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-BLACK-1115 Bridal Satin BLACK-1115 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-BANANA-1181 Bridal Satin BANANA-1181 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-BANANA-1180 Bridal Satin BANANA-1180 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-BANANA-1179-J Bridal Satin BANANA-1179-J Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-BANANA-1179 Bridal Satin BANANA-1179 Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-AQUA Bridal Satin AQUA Get a Quote
Bridal-Satin-Fabric-Wine Bridal Satin Fabric Wine Get a Quote

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