Faux Fur Shaggy Fabric Wholesale

Wholesale Faux Fur Shaggy Fabric for your fabric store. Or your fashion designer line. SOFI Enterprises Inc is a direct importer of Faux Fur Shaggy Fabric in Los Angeles with many different colors. With hundreds of fabrics available, you can create a long line of unique Faux Fur Shaggy costumes or keep your fabric store fully stocked with Faux Fur Shaggy in different colors. Faux Fur Shaggy Fabric has been used for decades to stay warm and snug. Faux Fur Shaggy Fabric has a soft-to-touch interior and a faux fur shaggy on the outside, so it keeps away moisture and blocks the wind.

Shipping all across the US, Canada and Mexico. Minimum order quantity – 1 roll (approximately 60-100 yards of fabric per roll depending on the thickness of the fabric). Need a sample of fabric? Request a FREE SWATCH or purchase a sample yardage, 1 to 3 yards of fabric. Contact for price and availability.

Content: 80% Acrylic 20% Polyester

Style: Mohair Fur

Pile length: 2″ – 2.5″

Width: Available in 58/60”

Roll Size: 40-50 Yards

Sample Yardage: 1 to 3 yards

1 roll: Call for price

Minimum Order: 1 roll (Approx: 70-80 yards)

Sample swatch: FREE


FabricLA-Mohair-Acrylic-Shaggy-Faux-Fur-58-60-Width-By-The-Yard-M0171-Purple-1 Mohair Fur Purple
FabricLA-Mohair-Acrylic-Shaggy-Faux-Fur-58-60-Width-By-The-Yard-M0165-Royal-1 Mohair Fur Royal Blue
Red-2 Mohair Fur Red
FabricLA-Mohair-Acrylic-Shaggy-Faux-Fur-58-60-Width-By-The-Yard-M0163-Yellow-1 Mohair Fur Yellow
FabricLA-Mohair-Acrylic-Shaggy-Faux-Fur-58-60-Width-By-The-Yard-M0184-White-1 Mohair Fur White
FabricLA-Mohair-Acrylic-Shaggy-Faux-Fur-58-60-Width-By-The-Yard-M0161-Turquoise-1 Mohair Fur Turquoise
FabricLA-Mohair-Acrylic-Shaggy-Faux-Fur-Natural-Colors-Silver Mohair Fur Silver
dark-grey-1 Mohair Fur Charcoal
Bubblegum-1-1 Mohair Fur BubbleGum
Burgundy-Fur-Front Mohair Fur Burgundy
FabricLA-Mohair-Acrylic-Shaggy-Faux-Fur-58-60-Width-By-The-Yard-M0173-Dark-Brown-Chocolate-1-2 Mohair Fur Chocolate
DK-Turquoise-Front Mohair Fur Dark Turquoise
FabricLA-Mohair-Acrylic-Shaggy-Faux-Fur-58-60-Width-By-The-Yard-M0178-Fuchsia-1 Mohair Fur Fuchsia
Lime-2 Mohair Fur Lime
FabricLA-Mohair-Acrylic-Shaggy-Faux-Fur-58-60-Width-By-The-Yard-M0208-Ivory-1 Mohair Fur Ivory
Lavender-2 Mohair Fur Lavender
FabricLA-Mohair-Acrylic-Shaggy-Faux-Fur-58-60-Width-By-The-Yard-M0174-Brown-1 Mohair Fur Light Brown
Navy-fur-1 Mohair Fur Navy
Mohair-Fur-Olive Mohair Fur Olive
Rainbow-Patch-Pastel Mohair Fur Patch
FabricLA-Mohair-Acrylic-Shaggy-Faux-Fur-58-60-Width-By-The-Yard-M0177-Orange-1 Mohair Fur Orange
Mohair-Fur-Black Mohair Fur Black
FabricLA-Mohair-Acrylic-Shaggy-Faux-Fur-58-60-Width-By-The-Yard-M0172-Beige-1 Mohair Fur Beige
FabricLA-Mohair-Acrylic-Shaggy-Faux-Fur-58-60-Width-By-The-Yard-M0170-B.-Pink-1 Mohair Fur Baby Pink
FabricLA-Mohair-Acrylic-Shaggy-Faux-Fur-58-60-Width-By-The-Yard-M0169-B.-Blue-1 Mohair Fur Baby Blue

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