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Baby Hacci Sweater Knit Fabric

Wholesale Sweater Knit Fabric for your fabric store or design your clothes with affordable materials. SOFI Enterprises Inc. supplies Sweater Knit in Los Angeles with many different colors to choose from. With millions of yards available, you can create a long line of unique Knit clothing or keep your fabric store fully stocked with baby hacci sweater knit fabrics from SOFI.

Shipping all across the US, Canada and Mexico. Minimum order quantity – 1 roll (approximately 60-100 yards of fabric per roll depending on the thickness of the fabric). Need a sample of fabric? Request a FREE SWATCH or purchase a sample yardage, 1 to 3 yards of fabric. Contact for price and availability.

Free Sample

Content:95% RAYON, 5% SPANDEX

Width: 59″

Style: 201SH

Sample Yardage: 1 to 3 yards 1 roll: Call for price Minimum Order: 1 roll (Approx: 70-80 yards) Sample swatch: FREE

Free Sample


Sugar-Hacci-Seafoam-6619 Sugar Hacci Seafoam 6619 Get a Quote
Sugar-Hacci-Royal-6619 Sugar Hacci Royal 6619 Get a Quote
Sugar-Hacci-Red-6673 Sugar Hacci Red 6673 Get a Quote
Sugar-Hacci-Plum-4540 Sugar Hacci Plum 4540 Get a Quote
Sugar-Hacci-PFP-White-6619 Sugar Hacci PFP White 6619 Get a Quote
Sugar-Hacci-Olive-4540 Sugar Hacci Olive 4540 Get a Quote
Sugar-Hacci-Navy-4540 Sugar Hacci Navy 4540 Get a Quote
Sugar-Hacci-Mono-Charcoal-4540 Sugar Hacci Mono Charcoal 4540 Get a Quote
Sugar-Hacci-Mocha-6673 Sugar Hacci Mocha 6673 Get a Quote
Sugar-Hacci-Mint-6619 Sugar Hacci Mint 6619 Get a Quote
Baby-Viscose-Hacci-Turquoise Baby Viscose Hacci Turquoise Get a Quote
Sugar-Hacci-Ivory-4461 Sugar Hacci Ivory 4461 Get a Quote
Sugar-Hacci-Hot-Pink-4461 Sugar Hacci Hot Pink 4461 Get a Quote
Baby-Viscose-Hacci-Silver Baby Viscose Hacci Silver Get a Quote
Baby-Viscose-Hacci-Shadow-Plum Baby Viscose Hacci Shadow Plum Get a Quote
Sugar-Hacci-Heather-Gray-6619 Sugar Hacci Heather Gray 6619 Get a Quote
Sugar-Hacci-Dk.-Mint-6673 Sugar Hacci Dk. Mint 6673 Get a Quote
Baby-Viscose-Hacci-Royal Baby Viscose Hacci Royal Get a Quote
Baby-Viscose-Hacci-White-PFP Baby Viscose Hacci White PFP Get a Quote
Sugar-Hacci-D.-Rose-4461 Sugar Hacci D. Rose 4461 Get a Quote
Sugar-Hacci-Coral-6619 Sugar Hacci Coral 6619 Get a Quote
Baby-Viscose-Hacci-Peach Baby Viscose Hacci Peach Get a Quote
Baby-Viscose-Hacci-Navy Baby Viscose Hacci Navy Get a Quote
Sugar-Hacci-Burgundy-4450 Sugar Hacci Burgundy 4450 Get a Quote
Sugar-Hacci-Black-6659 Sugar Hacci Black 6659 Get a Quote
Baby-Viscose-Hacci-Mint Baby Viscose Hacci Mint Get a Quote
Baby-Viscose-Hacci-Kelly-Green Baby Viscose Hacci Kelly Green Get a Quote
Sugar-Hacci-2Tone-Charcoal-6619 Sugar Hacci 2Tone Charcoal 6619 Get a Quote
Baby-Viscose-Hacci-Jade Baby Viscose Hacci Jade Get a Quote
STRIPE-HACCI Stripe Hacci Get a Quote
Baby-Viscose-Hacci-Ivory Baby Viscose Hacci Ivory Get a Quote
Baby-Viscose-Hacci-Heather-Grey Baby Viscose Hacci Heather Grey Get a Quote
Baby-Viscose-Hacci-Fuchsia Baby Viscose Hacci Fuchsia Get a Quote
Baby-Viscose-Hacci-Chili Baby Viscose Hacci Chili Get a Quote
Baby-Viscose-Hacci-Butter Baby Viscose Hacci Butter Get a Quote
Baby-Viscose-Hacci-Black Baby Viscose Hacci Black Get a Quote
222plj1604-plum HATCHI STRIPE PLUM Get a Quote
222plj1604-olive HATCHI STRIPE OLIVE Get a Quote
222plj1604-black HATCHI STRIPE BLACK Get a Quote

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