PFP Fabrics (Prepared for Printing)

Find PFP Fabric (Prepared for Printing) for your own unique prints, your fabric store or to design your own clothes line with affordable PFP Fabric (Prepared for Printing) from SOFI Enterprises Inc. We supply PFP Fabric (Prepared for Printing) in Los Angeles and all across America with many different options to choose. With hundreds of PFP Fabric (Prepared for Printing) available, you can create a long line of unique clothing or keep your fabric store fully stocked with PFP (Prepared for Printing) Fabric at wholesale prices. You can create beautiful and unique garments with your own unique prints. PFP Jersey Fabric makes it an ideal fabric for tops, blouses, dresses, accessories and can also be used for printed crafts and home decor. With just the right mix of softness and stretch, PFP Jersey Fabric is light enough to craft into almost any clothing item. Order PFP Fabric (Prepared for Printing) and stock up to make sure you have enough for every item in your designer line. Contact SOFI Enterprises Inc for more details on PFP Fabric or to order a swatch in any color or texture. Low minimum quantities of fabric with discounted prices.

Shipping all across the US, Canada and Mexico. Minimum order quantity – 1 roll (approximately 60-100 yards of fabric per roll depending on the thickness of the fabric). Need a sample of fabric? Request a FREE SWATCH or purchase a sample yardage, 1 to 3 yards of fabric. Contact for price and availability.

Content: 100% Polyester

Style: 201PCS

Sample Yardage: 1 to 3 yards

1 roll: Call for price

Minimum Order: 1 roll (Approx: 70-80 yards)

Sample swatch: FREE


white-100 Peach Skin White PFP
white36 Power Mesh PFP White
white35 Moss Crepe PFP White
white34 Dimple Mesh White PFP
white32 Techno (Scuba) PFP White
white31 Crepe Single Span Jersey White PFP
white30 Rayon Lawn White PFP
white29 Rayon Challie White PFP
white28 Hi Multi Chiffon White PFP
white27 Wool Dobby White PFP
white23 CDC White PFP
white22 Crepe Chiffon White PFP
white21 Ponti Roma White PFP
white20 French Terry Poly Rayon Spandex White PFP 225GSM
white19-150×150 Spun Poly French Terry Spandex White PFP
white18 French Terry Poly Rayon Spandex White PFP
white17 Hacci Polyester White PFP
white16 Spun Poly Jersey Sheers
white15 Spun Poly Spandex in White PFP 200GSM
Rayon-Slub-White-PFP Rayon Slub PFP White
white14 Spun Poly Jersey PFP White
white13 Poly Rayon Spandex in White PFP 200GSM
white10 Spandex Baby Jersey in White PFP
white9 Spun Poly Spandex in White PFP
white8 Rayon Jersey in PFP White
white7 Rayon Spandex Jersey in PFP 220GSM
white6 Rayon Spandex Jersey in PFP 190GSM
white5 Rayon Spandex Jersey in PFP
white4 Single Spun Spandex in PFP White
white3 Venecia PFP White
white2 Microfiber Jersey PFP

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