Terms & Conditions

Please count and inspect immediately-all claims must be made within five business days of receipt of goods. Shortages must be reported to us, and must be checked by us before the goods are cut. Cutting tickets are not a proof of shortages. It is buyer’s responsibility to test the fabric received before cutting, to meet specific requirements and applications. Irregularity of 5% is acceptable on all goods. We are absolutly not responsible after goods are cut. No returns accepted without prior authorization. Seller is not responsible for any degree of shrinkage on the fabric either before or after cutting. No allowances, deductions, returns, or claims accepted after 5 days of receipt of goods. Seller makes no warranty of merchantability or of the fitness of the goods for any specific purpose unless expressly specified. Buyer assumes full responsibility for fabrics if subjected to any additional process. Buyer shall pay all reasonable costs, fees, including attorney’s fees and expenses incurred by seller in collecting monies due or to become due hereunder. All late payments are subject to a 2.0% per month finance charge from the invoice due date. All retuned checks are subject to a $35.00 service charge. Bills are payable in Los Angeles, California, in funds bankable at par. Checks not payable in Los Angeles are accepted subject to final collection. Any and all controversies arising out of this contract, or any modification thereof, shall be settled by arbitration in the City of Los Angeles under the laws of the State of California. Seller makes no warranty either expressed or implied, of merchantability or fitness of goods for any specific purpose. Payments are due within time period specified on the invoice. All controversies shall be submitted to arbitration in Los Angeles. California and buyer agrees to pay all costs of collection including attorney’s fees, interest rate of 2%, month, if an action is instituted to enforce payment.