Sweater Knit Brushed Hacci

Sweater Knit Brushed Hacci Fabric is your source for wholesale fabric in Los Angeles and across USA. SOFI gives you wholesale prices on all colors and textures in the store, including the rarest and most versatile material. Our fabrics can be used for various projects, as it is lightweight. Knit fabrics are traditionally lightweight fabric that helps drape and makes light garments. Because of its lightweight and stretch, this material requires sewing experience to work with effectively. Order fabric for your clothes designs or stock your fabric store with the latest fabrics. Contact SOFI Enterprises Inc. to order swatches and wholesale fabrics today.

Shipping all across the US, Canada and Mexico. Minimum order quantity – 1 roll (approximately 60-100 yards of fabric per roll depending on the thickness of the fabric). Need a sample of fabric? Request a FREE SWATCH or purchase a sample yardage, 1 to 3 yards of fabric. Contact for price and availability.

Content: 87% Polyester 10% Ray 3% Spandex

Style: Brushed Hacci Solid #850-349

Width: Available in 58/60”

Weight: 200.0000 gm/sq meter

Sample Yardage: 1 to 3 yards

1 roll: Call for price

Minimum Order: 1 roll (Approx: 70-80 yards)

Sample swatch: FREE


Brushed-Hacci-Super-Olive-1-210×210 Brushed Hacci Super Olive
Brushed-Hacci-Rust-1-210×210 Brushed Hacci Rust
Brushed-Hacci-Red-1-210×210 Brushed Hacci Red
Brushed-Hacci-Raisin-1-210×210 Brushed Hacci Raisin
Brushed-Hacci-Olive-1-210×210 Brushed Hacci Olive
Brushed-Hacci-Mustard-1-210×210 Brushed Hacci Mustard
Brushed-Hacci-Mushroom-1-210×210 Brushed Hacci Mushroom
Brushed-Hacci-Mauve-1-210×210 Brushed Hacci Mauve
Brushed-Hacci-Khaki-1-210×210 Brushed Hacci Khaki
Brushed-Hacci-Heather-Gray-1-210×210 Brushed Hacci Heather Gray
Brushed-Hacci-Burgundy-1-210×210 Brushed Hacci Burgundy
Brushed-Hacci-Brick-1-210×210 Brushed Hacci Brick
Brushed-Hacci-Solid-White-210×210 Brushed Hacci Solid White
Brushed-Hacci-Solid-Ivory-210×210 Brushed Hacci Solid Ivory
Brushed-Hacci-Solid-Royal-Blue-A-210×210 Brushed Hacci Solid Royal Blue A
Brushed-Hacci-Solid-Denim-210×210 Brushed Hacci Solid Denim
Brushed-Hacci-Solid-Dark-Denim-210×210 Brushed Hacci Solid Dark Denim
Brushed-Hacci-Solid-Charcoal-2-Tone-210×210 Brushed Hacci Solid Charcoal 2 Tone
Brushed-Hacci-Solid-Navy-A-210×210 Brushed Hacci Solid Navy A
Brushed-Hacci-Solid-Midnight-Navy-210×210 Brushed Hacci Solid Midnight Navy
Brushed-Hacci-Solid-Black-210×210 Brushed Hacci Solid Black

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