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Looking for The Best Wholesale Fabric Suppliers? Source of Fabric is a bulk fabric supplier providing wholesale fabric direct to you in Los Angeles and worldwide

Source of Fabric International is a complete wholesale supplier providing wholesale fabric direct to you at fabric bulk prices from our Los Angeles based fabric warehouse and shipping fabric direct to customers all around the world. For your next fabric project, you can find the fabric of the exact color, texture, stretch, and durability you are looking for. With quick and courteous service and a vast selection to choose from, you can easily find fabrics online wholesale you need and get started on your project right away. We have everything you need at a wholesale price, including knits, wovens, novelties, prints, stretch fabrics, and more.

Our fabrics may use our fabrics for fashion-forward new styles and designs, pieces you can make at home, or SOFI fabric may add them to your fabric store collection for customers to make their fabric clothing and quilts. If you need a special fabric print to complete a project, we can help. We provide printing on fabric service with a library of fabric patterns and fabric designs to choose from. You can even work with our in-house graphic designing team to make an exceptional fabric print design just for you. Take a look at our gallery of custom fabric printing patterns to get started and order for your upcoming project or for your store.

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Wholesale Faux Fur Fabric Suppliers

Faux Fur Shaggy Fabric

Faux Fur Shaggy Fabric Wholesale for your fabric store or your own fashion designer line with affordable materials. SOFI Enterprises Inc supplies Faux Fur Shaggy Fabric in Los Angeles with many different colors to choose. With hundreds of fabrics available, you can create a long line of unique Faux Fur Shaggy costume or keep your fabric store fully stocked with Faux Fur Shaggy in different colors. Faux Fur Shaggy Fabric has been used for decades to keep warm and snug. Faux Fur Shaggy Fabric has a soft to touch interior and a faux fur shaggy on the outside, so it keeps away moisture and blocks the wind. We offer Wholesale fabric direct to you at bulk fabric prices. Call us today to order.

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Bamboo Jersey Spandex

Bamboo Fabric Wholesale from SOFI Enterprises Inc. is delivered in Los Angeles and across America. We sell Bamboo Fabric at Wholesale price with hundreds of colors and textures. Bamboo Fabric Wholesale can be used for various projects, as it is stretchable and durable. Spandex adds to Bamboo Fabric softness and lightness typical for Spandex materials. Bamboo Fabric is a traditionally light fabric, similar to silk or rayon, so it helps drape and makes lightweight garments from Bamboo Fabric. Spandex adds stretch to the blend, making it even more comfortable while making the bamboo fabric more durable.

Red Faux Fur Fabric

Rayon Jersey Spandex

SOFI supplies the highest quality Rayon Spandex all across America at wholesale prices. Buy the highest quality Rayon Spandex from us. SOFI is your one-stop-shop for all your fabric needs. Our Rayon Spandex comes in various color variations: Black, Mustard, Mint, and Lilac, to name a few. We ship Rayon Spandex to all parts of the US. You can order any rolls, and the minimum order quantity is one roll of Rayon Spandex from us. Our fabric is an excellent choice for athletic wear, t-shirts, sportswear, tops, tanks, shorts, headbands, and sleepwear, to name a few. Our Rayon Spandex is also very suitable for use in a wide variety of apparel and men’s, children’s, women’s, and accessories. The main benefit of Rayon Spandex includes reduced wrinkling and shrinkage & increased durability.


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    Wholesale cotton muslin

    100% Cotton Muslin

    Make beautiful creations with SOFI's 100% Cotton Muslin in Natural Color! Create apparel creations for women, men, and kids with our 100% Cotton Muslin fabric from scratch. Put your creativity to work to make kitchen napkins, curtains, handkerchiefs, pillow covers, table covers, bed sheets, bed skirts, clothing, upholstery, curtains, and sewing patterns. The list is endless.

    Wholesale Fabric Sources

    Print Library

    We provide wholesale fabric wet printing services and have a library of patterns and designs to choose from, or we can work with a design you provide. We are a wholesale fabric supplier in Los Angeles shipping custom wet printing fabric in bulk across USA.

    Wholesale Faux Fur Fabric Suppliers

    Turkish Cotton Spandex Jersey

    Our Turkish Cotton Spandex Jersey Knit Fabric comes from Turkey. The best Turkish Cotton Fabric you can find in the US. Our Wholesale Fabric can be purchased by the bolt and delivered via FedEx or UPS straight to you.

    Wholesale Cotton Lawn

    100% Cotton Lawn Fabric

    Make beautiful creations with SOFI's 100% Cotton Lawn in White Color! Characteristics of the lawn fabric is our Cotton lawn is a lightweight fabric having a plain weave. Our lawn fabric is crisp, and the surface has a smooth look. Our cotton lawn feels very comfortable in hot weather. We have a large selection of wholesale fabric including rayon in our Los Angeles fabric warehouse.


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    Amazing selection of textiles and wholesale fabric at affordable prices. Customer service is beyond and above imaginable. Their Sales Reps are so knowledgeable, they will give you the best advice on types of fabric they have, and whether it is suitable for your specific design project. They can also design and print on fabric which is a great option for me - all services provided by the same great company. Thank you SOFI Enterprises for your help and support!
    Wholesale fabric supplier
    John Miller
    Clothes Designer
    I work as a buyer for a manufacturing company. Sourcing wholesale fabric can be difficult and even stressful especially when you are looking for the right texture and color. Guys at Source of Fabric International are the best at finding the right wholesale fabric for the right price and in required quantity. They are patient and always go extra mile to help you find the right wholesale fabric for your project. Their fabric warehouse is located in greater Los Angeles area which is great for getting wholesale fabric locally. Thank you SOFI!
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    Vivien Wong
    I am starting my own clothing brand and I need custom made prints for my projects. Source of Fabric International is a great place to start if you are looking for a reliable wholesale fabric supplier. They know everything about wholesale fabrics, textures, colors, fabric weight.. I mean EVERYTHING. If you have any questions, give them a call. they are the best in the fabric industry. I am impressed by their service and I highly recommend them to everyone looking for a wholesale fabric supplier. Thank you!
    Wholesale Fabric Direct
    Richard Brown

    About SOFI Wholesale Fabric Suppliers

    Whatever type of wholesale fabric purchase you are looking to make, Sofi Enterprises Inc. offers a great choice of fabric to suit your needs. We are the Internet’s finest resource for purchasing wholesale fabric by the yard. Each fabric is available in a wide variety of colors, prints, and designs.

    If you’re looking for wholesale fabric online that has the best price, the best customer service and quick turnaround time, we’re happy to say you found it! We have an extremely large stock of high quality fabric, from the popular cotton jersey to the latest novelty wholesale fabric. Our latest and newest fabric of the highest quality is Turkish cotton spandex. The most luxurious, soft, and durable cotton spandex  currently on the market for the sam price as Chinese made fabrics. Also, we offer unique copyrighted wet and digital printing services on cotton and other wholesale fabric.  If you have a particular design in mind, we can print a sample based on your file or you are welcome to browse our selection of designs for printing if your order meets our minimum requirement for printing. In other words, we are here for all your needs and our customer service will be happy to help you get the right wholesale fabric for the right price for your very own unique design project.

    Wholesale Faux Fur Fabric

    At SOFI, we understand that manufacturers need access to wholesale fabric they need quickly and for the most competitive price to keep the production going. Sofi Enterprises Inc. is the best source for purchasing wholesale fabric in Los Angeles as we ship all across the USA, Mexico and Canada. Whatever style, fabric mix, print or type of fabric you are looking for, we got it. Moreover, we care about the quality of our fabric and only source the best fabric available. If you have your own fabric store, we are more than happy to provide you with the best price and quality of wholesale fabric for your customers. You can rely on Sofi Enterprises Inc. for the best selection of fabric and fast delivery. No matter if you are a large or a small business, you will have the best customer service from us and competitive price on wholesale fabric. Sofi Enterprises Inc. is located in the heart of fashion district in Los Angeles. You can stop by to check out our collection of fabric if you are in Los Angeles, or you can get in touch with us to receive FREE SAMPLES of wholesale fabric.