Wholesale Printed Fleece Fabric

Wholesale Printed Fleece Fabric for your fabric store. Or your designer clothes with Printed Fleece Fabric from us. SOFI supplies wholesale Printed Fleece Fabric by the roll. With many Printed Fleece Fabric designs, you can create a long line of unique clothing or keep your fabric store fully stocked. Printed Fleece Fabric has been used for decades to stay warm and snug.

Shipping all across the US, Canada and Mexico. Minimum order quantity – 1 roll (approximately 60-100 yards of fabric per roll depending on the thickness of the fabric). Need a sample of fabric? Request a FREE SWATCH or purchase a sample yardage, 1 to 3 yards of fabric. Contact for price and availability.

Content: 100% Polyester

Width: 58/60″

Style: PPF

Weight: 365G/Y

Sample Yardage: 1 to 3 yards

1 roll: Call for price

Minimum Order: 1 roll (Approx: 70-80 yards)

Sample swatch: FREE


1111 P-652_2
222 P-634_2
33 P-596_2
44 P-578_2
55 P-497_2
666 P-486_2
111 P-378_2
222 P-204_2
333 P-125_2
4444 P-095_2
555 IMG_0375
666 IMG_0374
111 IMG_0372
222 IMG_0371
333 IMG_0370
444 IMG_0369
555 IMG_0368
666 IMG_0366
111 IMG_0299
111 IMG_0297
111 IMG_0287
111 IMG_0285
111 IMG_0275
111 IMG_0269
111 IMG_0263
111 IMG_0254
111 IMG_0252
111 IMG_0250
111 IMG_0249
111 IMG_0249_1
111 IMG_0247
111 IMG_0239
111 IMG_0233
111 IMG_0232
111 IMG_0231
111 IMG_0224
111 IMG_0223
111 IMG_0221
111 IMG_0220
111 IMG_0213
111 IMG_0213_1
111 IMG_0212
111 IMG_0210
111 IMG_0209
111 IMG_0208
111 IMG_0191
111 IMG_0189
111 IMG_0188
111 E-797
111 E-796
111 E-794
111 E-793
111 E-792
111 E-791
111 E-787
111 E-786
111 E-785
111 E-781
111 E-778
111 E-776
111 E-775
111 E-774
111 E-772
111 E-766
e-750 E-750
e-749 E-749
e-745 E-745
e-742 E-742
e-740 E-740
e-738 E-738
e-736 E-736
e-735 E-735
e-732 E-732
e-730 E-730
e-729 E-729
e-728 E-728
e-727 E-727
e-726 E-726
e-725 E-725
e-724 E-724
e-720 E-720
e-719 E-719
e-718 E-718
e-713 E-713
e-711 E-711
e-709 E-709
e-706 E-706
e-705 E-705
e-702 E-702
e-700 E-700
e-699 E-699
e-696 E-696
e-695 E-695
e-691 E-691
e-685 E-685
e-684 E-684
e-682 E-682
e-681 E-681
e-677 E-677
e-676 E-676
e-673-150×150 E-673
e-671-150×150 E-671
e-670-150×150 E-670
e-665-150×150 E-665
e-661-150×150 E-661
e-633-150×150 E-633
e-632-150×150 E-632
e-631-150×150 E-631
e-621-150×150 E-621
e-617-150×150 E-617
e-614-150×150 E-614
e-580-150×150 E-580
e-573-150×150 E-573
e-568-150×150 E-568
e-535-150×150 E-535
e-534-150×150 E-534
e-528-150×150 E-528
e-524-150×150 E-524
e-518-150×150 E-518
e-506-150×150 E-506
e-505-150×150 E-505
e-498-150×150 E-498
e-494lg-150×150 E-494LG
e-480-150×150 E-480
e-479-150×150 E-479
e-355-150×150 E-355
e-183-150×150 E-183
e-171-150×150 E-171
e-170-150×150 E-170
e-136-150×150 E-136
e-132-150×150 E-132
e-131-150×150 E-131
e-118-150×150 E-118
e-104-150×150 E-104
e-096-150×150 E-096
e-094-150×150 E-094
e-060-150×150 E-060
e-059-150×150 E-059
e-033-150×150 E-033
e-008-150×150 E-008

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