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French Terry Fabric

SOFI Enterprises Inc supplies the best and latest French Terry Fabric used in designer fashions. You can buy French Terry Fabric to make your own projects or fill your store with the materials every designer and quilter wants. Find French Terry fabric wholesale in Los Angeles in the SOFI store and have your fabric shipped anywhere across America. French Terry cloth is similar in some ways to regular terry cloth in that it is thicker and very absorbent. While French Terry fabric is a bit thinner and therefore less absorbent than regular terry cloth, this makes it preferable for fashion items like sweatshirts and some tee shirts. Sweatshirts and hooded jackets made from French Terry are perfect for layering and they keep the wearer warm without making them too hot. Its absorbent features also make it ideal for sportswear. Buy French Terry Fabric in your preferred colors to make outstanding clothing and give your customers a variety of options. Contact SOFI Enterprises Inc for a fabric sample or to learn more about any fabric.
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