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Cotton Lycra Fabric

Cotton Lycra Fabric from SOFI Enterprises Inc. at affordable wholesale prices. Our Cotton Lycra comes from Turkey and it is the most versatile and soft Turkish Cotton Fabric you can find on the market today. Our Cotton Lycra differs greatly from Chinese fabrics. Turkish Cotton has been used for soft towels and bedding for generations and now can be used for a whole variety of projects, as it is stretchable as well as durable. Turkish Cotton adds softness and lightness to typical Spandex material. Cotton Lycra Fabric is a traditionally medium to light fabric, similar to rayon jersey, so it is useful for draping and making medium to light-weight garments. Spandex adds stretch to the Cotton Lycra Fabric blend, making it even more comfortable while also making the fabric more durable. This makes it an ideal choice for active wear and loungewear, as well as flattering fashion garments, usually pants or skirts. Because of its lightness and ability to stretch, Cotton Lycra Fabric requires sewing experience to work with effectively. Order Cotton Lycra Fabric for your fashion-forward items and stock your store with the latest materials. Contact SOFI Enterprises Inc. to order swatches and wholesale fabrics today.
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