Poly Linen Blend Jersey Fabric

SOFI Enterprises Inc. is your source for wholesale poly linen jersey blend fabrics in Los Angeles. We provide wholesale fabrics to designers, e-commerce retailers, manufacturers, and big and small brands. Sofi Enterprises Inc. offers discounted wholesale prices on poly linen t-shirt fabric materials, including the rarest and most versatile fabrics. We have low minimum quantities starting at one roll of fabric at discounted wholesale prices.

Shipping all across the US, Canada and Mexico. Minimum order quantity – 1 roll (approximately 60-100 yards of fabric per roll depending on the thickness of the fabric). Need a sample of fabric? Request a FREE SWATCH or purchase a sample yardage, 1 to 3 yards of fabric. Contact for price and availability.

Content: 85% Polyester 15% Linen

Width: 58/60″
Style: PLJ
Sample Yardage: 1 to 3 yards
1 roll: Call for price
Minimum Order: 1 roll (Approx: 70-80 yards)
Sample swatch: FREE


TURQ-6605 Turquoise
TEAL-6362 Teal
TAUPE-6475 Taupe
TANGERINE-6446-150×150 Tangerine
SILVER-6475 Silver
SAND-6475 Sand
ROYAL-6605 Royal 6605
ROYAL-6362 Royal 6362
PURPLE-6367 Purple
PINK-6475 Pink
PEACH-6475 Peach
OATMEAL-6121 Oatmeal
MINT-6517 Mint
LIGHT-SEAFOAM-6475 Light Seafoam
LIGHT-BURGUNDY-6362 Light Burgundy
JADE-6605-150×150 Jade
HOT-ROSE-6605 Hot Rose
DUSTY-BLUE-624×624-1 Dusty Blue
DK-OLIVE-6362 Dark Olive
DK-CHARCOAL-2-6605-150×150 Dark Charcoal 2
DEEP-LAKE-6637 Deep Lake
DARK-BURGUNDY-6362 Dark Burgundy
CHARCOAL-6549 Charcoal
BROWN-41708-001-150×150 Brown
BLUSH-4377 Blush
BLUE-6475 Blue
BANANA-6475 Banana
AQUA-6475 Aqua

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