Mesh Fabrics


Mesh Fabrics

Mesh is a versatile material that is being used with a wide area of usage from clothing to crafting projects, industrial applications and utility items such as camping equipment. In apparel making, it can be described as a loosely woven or knitted fabric with evenly open spaced holes between the yarns. Though it is being preferred mostly for athletic apparel thanks to its breathable, light texture and ability of holding the shape well.


What is mesh fabric made of?

The main component is usually either polyester or nylon. Though both of them are light weight, quick drying synthetic fabrics, there are major differences.  Poly Mesh fabric is water resistance but has a higher melting point which makes it more heat resistant comparing to nylon. Also, in addition to that, more wrinkle resistant as well. On the other hand, Nylon Mesh is more durable and stronger so it provides higher wear resistance. Besides that, Nylon mesh has more stretching capabilities compared to Poly Mesh. Though that’s an advantage, when comparing both components in terms of printing aspects, it makes nylon mesh less suitable where precision is necessary in screen printing process. However, if precision is not necessary, then nylon will be the winner as it provides more wear resistance than polyester.


Mesh Types

Dimple Mesh:

Preferred especially for active wear apparel, basketball shorts and jogging apparel since it’s easy to take care and can be washed and cycled. The name comes from its dimpled texture on the face of the fabric but it has a smooth backside. The content is 100% polyester and features mechanical stretch.

Power Mesh:

Power mesh is a versatile fabric favored by many manufacturers and designers for many different occasions such as control garments, undergarments, lingerie, bra making, swimwear, lining, active wear and even works well in home decoration. Also, in casual apparel, you may use it with different fabrics to create an overlay piece or add small pieces to the tops, skirts or to the dress for more contemporary look.  It’s a soft, light weight fabric with a four-way stretch and fish scale like textured pattern. Comes in both poly spandex or nylon spandex blend.

Illusion Mesh:

Very similar to power mesh. It can be in stretch and non-stretch forms. Although comes in various colors, the most popular ones are nude tones in order to create bare skin effect. Mostly used in haute couture and ice skating costumes as well as wedding gowns. The content can be nylon or polyester with or without spandex blend. Also can be silk for higher end


Polyester Micro Mesh:

Polyester Micro Mesh is generally used in athletics and sportswear due to its durability as well as dye sublimation qualities. Mostly preferred for manufacturing affordable custom uniforms.


Maybe it’s the most well-known and popular mesh fabric in our list. For sure, it’s the fundamental element of bridal couture and wedding decoration. It’s a very light fabric with machine made netting. The content can be nylon, polyester or even silk for higher end finish.

Football Mesh:

Mostly used for football jerseys, athletic uniforms, shorts and for many different sports apparel. It’s highly breathable and sweat absorbing fabric which makes it great for any type of sports. The content is 100% polyester.

King Mesh:

Used in apparel making, lining, sports outerwear, athletic wear, even backpacks. We can easily say it’s one of the most versatile fabric where you can get creative as much as you want. Thanks to its texture it provides great ventilation and makes the fabric very breathable. The content is 100% polyester.




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